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GET TO KNOW ME MEME → favourite relationships [7/10] » Sirius Black and Remus Lupin

"Lupin was lowering his wand, gazing fixedly at Black. The professor walked to Black’s side, seized his hand, pulled him to his feet so that Crookshanks fell to the floor, and embraced Black like a brother."


I like cards against humanity because it’s offensive and because this is an actual review on their website they chose to publish:


“I know Damon, I know his faults, but I also know what he’s like inside. And he’s not what he wants people to think he is. He’s not  c o l d , or  a r r o g a n t  or  c r u e l . Those are just facades he puts on to cover himself like clothes.”

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favorite people: Kaya Scodelario

"I’m useless at going on dates. One guy took me to a bar once and I lasted half an hour before I had to ring my mum to get me out of there. I find it awkward and I don’t know the rules."